Artist Brand Critique


We offer a quick, 9 point checklist of your current communications - how galleries and collectors are perceiving your work through the lens of your promotional material.

Wordmark and typography

Is it scaleable? Legible? Dated?

Colour Palette

Are your colours contemporary? Flexible? Consistent through print and web?

Current Work

Is it up to date? Is your most recent listed painting from 2016?

Copy (Bio, Statement)

Is it relatable, does it spark connection, or simply generic?


Is it up to date? Mobile centric? It might look great on the 27” monitor in your studio, but how does it work on a phone?


Is the presentation professional? Is the composition compelling?


Is it colour accurate? Is there distortion or uneven lighting? Are the images impactful?


Is it current? Is it significant? 

Show List

Is it up to date?

What we’ll do

We’ll present you with a report card that can assist you in prioritizing and focussing your efforts in the immediate- and near-term. Additionally, we’ll credit you with the cost of this assessment towards specific branding packages if you need help, or a road map if you want to do it yourself.